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An Industry leading Video Management and Webcasting Program.

Why choose Spot TV?

Let your Industry friends tell you just why Spot TV is a WIN-WIN for your management team and parents!

Spot TV has created an entirely new experience for my customers, while simultaneously creating an entirely new revenue stream for my business!

Jillian May, Ace Gymnastics

This program is a true Industry Champion!

Mike Forester, Ace Sports and Gym

The Product
Secure online parent
viewing access.
Connect to your families in a whole new way, all while creating an entirely new revenue stream for your business.
Secure Online Viewing
Your parents (even grandparents too!) can enjoy a password protected viewing portal embedded directly into your website that allows a LIVE viewing experience for those unable to attend games, practices, or events!
Managed Access
Via an online admin dashboard, your management team will be able to manage parent access, set viewing time frames, and isolate camera views for each account – Learn More!
Secure Stream Tech
Spot TV is built upon the latest and most secure Windows .NET infrastructure by only in-house developers and U.S. partner engineers.  No out-sourced developers and No open source software! –Learn More!

A strategic partner to Industry Leaders alike to enhance the overall

experience for you, your families, and for the shared Industry we all LOVE.

Managment Mobile App
On the go? Always stay connected to your business.
Training goes Mobile! The Learning Blocks℠ Platform is a robust recording software utilized not only for security, but for training, management, and customer quality assurance!
m3u8 LIVE Stream
Enjoy the latest in LIVE streaming technology in the palm of your hand.
Archived Video Access
Access archived videos remotely for remote management, quality control, and training purposes!
Snap and Send
See something you want to save and text or email to your manager? Now you can!
Yes, audio too!
Listen in to your lobby to view live or review archived video of the customer to staff interactions.
All Camera Access
Access all cameras in your building simultaneously. It so easy!
In App Alerts
Be alerted on after hour motion alerts, a camera needing attention, and more!
A proud sponsor and partner to the
US Indoor Sports Association.

Spot TV

Spot TV™ is an interactive and comprehensive Indoor Sports webcam program that empowers management teams and captivates families everywhere!

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Go Spot!

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