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Events Support Scope and SLA Goals


Standard Event/Weekend Support vs. VIP Event/Weekend Support:  The goal of providing both support options is to empower you with a choice to maintain our existing weekend support experience or, for an added fee, enjoy a more prioritized and efficient VIP support experience.

Standard Weekend Support:

  • 8a – 4p CST

  • Email Only:

    • SLA response to Admin(s) of 1 hour.

    • SLA response to Parent(s) of Same Day.

  • Standard Phone Line for Admin:  Emergency Call Backs within 1 hour.


VIP Weekend Support:

  • 8a – 8p CST

  • Email Only:

    • SLA response to Admin(s) of 20 minutes.

    • SLA response to Parent(s) of 1 hour.

  • Dedicated Phone Extension for Admin: Emergency Call Backs within 20 minutes.


What if the event falls on a weekday (i.e. Friday)?:

  • 8a – 8p CST

Our Standard Weekly Support: The Event inquiry will still trigger the Standard Event SLA Policies, however, our standard support experience will accommodate the event support needs.