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Branded Page + Event Code

All Plans include a custom page link and event code for you to send  to your families!

Revenue Opportunities

Sell page ads to local businesses and upcharge event tickets to allow extended or traveling families access!

Unlimited Bandwidth

Enjoy unlimited streaming with Spot TV’s Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Prioritized Support

Events are a little more stressful than the day-to-day class streaming so upgrade to a prioritized support experience!

HTML 5 Video Player

Stream with maximum compatibility for an audience on both mobile and web browsers.

Event Warranty

With technology the variables can be endless and unforeseen. We have your back, just like you have ours!

Schedule a Call with our Event Coordinator!

Learn more about Spot TV events and how easy it is to activate at your center!

What is the difference between Spot TV and Spot TV Events?

While the Spot TV program is consistently meeting the day-to-day class needs of partner gyms, studios, and swim schools around the world, we know your annual events play a pivotal role in your business success! As Industry enrollments and facility operating capacities increase over the years, the Spot TV Events platform can offer a scaled up enterprise streaming experience for Gyms and Studios who are hosting large events! 

Every Event Starts with a Plan

This is not a cost. We have built a cost-effective events model to allow you the opportunity to create a revenue stream from it! 

How does VIP Support Work?

Do you think you may want a faster SLA response time for your Event? In either of the above Plus (+) packages you can enjoy a faster email and call back time for your event from a dedicated event coordinator. Learn more about the difference between our standard weekend support vs the VIP option.

What is an Event Warranty?

With technology the variables can be endless and unforeseen. So we have your back, just like you have ours! If you lose power, the internet goes out, equipment fails during the event…. or whatever else occurs in this crazy world we live in to inhibit your event streaming, you will receive a downtime credit on your next event!

Additional Event FAQs

Questions are great! However, if there is something not answered below, please do not hesitate to schedule a call with a Spot TV Event Coordinator. 

How early in advance do we need to schedule our event with Spot TV Events?

We require a minimum 30 day lead time on all event setups. It would benefit you to book months in advance so you can begin marketing the added streaming option with your tickets and begin your ad selling! Any reservations or changes within the 30 day period may result in either of the (+) options being available. 

Can the event code be changed for each event?

For sure! Your Event Coordinator will send you a new Event Code for every event even though your landing page link will remain the same!

Can I book my events through the rest of the year?

We would suggest this so we can prioritize your scheduling. We do have a support capacity and may have to close some weekends from bookings. 

What type of Internet Speeds are required to do this?

Your standard business line should be enough (5-10MBS upload), however, this will depend on the number of outbound streams and expected audience size. Our Event Coordinator will work with you to verify your existing ISP setup is good to go! 

When are event fees due?

You will receive an estimate to approve shortly after your Discovery call. You will need to process the invoice in full for us to lock in the dates and send you your link and event code. 

Schedule a call with a Spot TV Event Coordinator!


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