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Marketing to the parents from the millennial generation, those that are walking into a new part of their lives, requires a new approach. You cannot market to these new parents in the same way that you did their own parents, and you cannot market to them in the same way that you did before they were parents. You have to look at this with their new desires, standards, opinions, and needs in mind. If you are attempting to push them into the same box as their parents or if you are failing to see their changes, it is unlikely that you will successfully market to them. Their level of involvement and their dependency on technology when raising their children, as examples, differ greatly from their parents. You also have their personal changes, such as where they shop, what they prefer, and what they want. Overall, this is a new market with new needs. You have to keep this in mind if you are trying to market to them.

The millennial generation differs greatly from their parents’ generation. Millennial parents have greater involvement without attempting to overburden their children’s schedules, they care deeply about the environment, and they have a more updated and modern view of what their children should have. How they embrace technology is a great example of this. They want to use technology fully to ensure that their children are receiving top quality care and have every advantage in life. Their actions and choices reflect the continuing changes society is making. They prefer modern approaches to care, thought, products, and raising a child in general. Many of the concerns of today, such as the environment and greater freedom with schedules, exist in how these parents are raising their children.

You also see changes in the parents themselves. Like any generation, a millennial tends to change when they start having their children. They go from shopping for major brands that they recognize and prefer to shopping at stores like Target and Walmart. Their main concern goes from staying in style and having fun to finding the most cost effective way to raise their children. They want access to the tools, gadgets, environmentally friendly products, and newest, best options for their children. There is a transformation in them. While they do not change entirely, and some will say that they are essentially the same person, there are noticeable shifts in what they prefer. The needs of their children come first now, which means that where they go and what they want is radically different from before.

Some things do remain the same, of course. The millennial generation remains connected online and focused on technology, focused on the environmental impact of people, progressive in thought overall, and focused on comfort and success without spending too much money. These parents have many of the same interests that they had before and that their parents had, but with a few updates. They are modern versions of their parents, taking their knowledge and their own upbringing and applying that to how they raise their own children. You see this in the changes with schedules, trying to free up time and keep everything a bit more carefree, as well as their continued application of technology to all aspects of life. They are bringing in what they know can work and taking out what they felt never worked for them.

A good marketing strategy will take all of this into account in order to create something that works incredibly well. It will capture the desires and needs of these parents in a way that would only work for their modern interests as well as their needs as parents.