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Network Setup Optimization

Network Setup Optimization

Review the diagram below for the suggested networking mapping.


Network design and mapping can vary based on each centers needs. Things to consider are the number of children in the building (potential end users), number of parents onsite trying to use the center’s WIFI, and any additional devices that would be consuming data while trying to stream.


Check out the quick check list here to help with your network setup and optimize your overall data transmission experience!

WIFI Enabled / Disabled

During events or large gatherings, it is best practice to disable your guest WIFI. If you would prefer to provide WIFI, maybe consider adding a separate internet line to the building and separating the networks altogether. 

Modem Limitations

We often see ISP provide base line or recycled/dated modems. These modems can become a bottleneck for big data transfer and we instead suggest putting the modem into bridge mode and use a business class router to manage the traffic onsite. 

Placing the modem into bridge mode limits the modems responsibility to one thing, feed internet to the gigabit router which will handle all the data traffic.

You can contact your ISP to see if you can be upgraded to a business class modem, but we still suggest a bridge mode setting, so be sure this is an option with your modem.

Network Packet Loss

Review your network connections and mapping, the more ‘home runs’ or direct connections from device to the Main Network switch the better. Try to avoid to many hops (switch hopping) and be sure the switches are not bottle necking each other (having a standard 10/100 in between a gigabit 10/100/100 switch). 

More homeruns, less jumps 😉

Bandwidth Testing

Often times your ISP will say you are paying for a 20 MBS line but not necessarily deliver this! Try to conduct random bandwidth tests through out the week to review the consistency of your bandwidth delivery and understand your peak consumption times. Visit https://www.speedtest.net/ on any device at your center to run a free and simple test!


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