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A true hallmark story it may be, our journey towards a national brand has been quite remarkable to say the least! What originated from a desire to improve quality and standards in the Childcare Industry steered two brothers into developing the most highly sought after childcare program in America. Peanut Butter and Jelly TV was founded in 2008 and implemented their first webcam program in a small center in Mandeville, LA . . . little did they know, there impact on the childcare industry would be echoed across the nation. Today, the PB&J TV Webcasting program is bringing peace of mind and smiles to families across the country!

         . . . To Be Continued

Our Team . . .

Bobby and Rick Franzo, simply put, are the pieces to each other’s puzzle. With the advanced technological background Rick brings to the table combined with Bobby’s logistics and operational expertise are the pillars this company stands on. But none of this would be relevant without a foundation. This foundation is the exceptional customer service provided by our Family Concierge HQ. Our Webologists and management team are our secret ingredient for delivering ‘5 star’ customer service. Aside from all this, PB&J TV is reinforced with a national infrastructure of IT network personal, supply chains that stretch from Houston, TX to Beijing, China, and a number of affiliated licensed/insured installation teams. This is our recipe for success!